Flight Pod Starter Pack • Delta 8 Ceramic Vaporizer



Flight Pod Starter Pack • Delta 8 Ceramic Vaporizer

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Journey in the clouds with the All New Flight Pod!

Enjoy a superior vaping experience by using the latest vape technology, precision made to deliver pure flavor and massive vapor production. The Flight Pod boasts a Full Ceramic Vaping System using Medical Zirconia Ceramic, Quartz Glass, Gold Plated Connectors and Japanese Viton Sealing to prevent leakage. The battery is rechargeable with a 400 mah capacity.

Imagine an easy draw that provides massive air flow, allowing you to get the maximum hit without the cough. Journey Hemp Co.’s Delta 8 pods are packed with pure Delta 8 distillate and crafted terpene blends specially formulated to provide a unique vaping experience.


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